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Ref: Prolog 0 / 1.00

No gods in the array, no divine stances thereof that spell the work of the benevolent Master. I know not his answers or his concerns. I can only fathom what he expects from us Humans. Some smaller Upanishads are in this collection. I attempted to keep them relevant to our existence without the bloat.

Ref: Kena 1 / 1.00

Pupil asks, "At whose wish does the mind proceed on its errands? At whose command does the first breath start? At whose wish do we utter this speech? What god directs the eye, or the ear?

Ref: Kena 2 / 1.00

Teacher replies, "It is the ear of the ear, the mind of the mind, the speech of speech, the breath of breath, and the eye of the eye. When freed from the sensory onslaught, the wise, on departing from this world, become immortal.

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